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The extension of your company that takes care of your IT.

Foxys is a Brazilian company founded and headquartered in the city of São Paulo, Brazil that provides IT consultancy and services on the global stage.

The company arose from the need for change, innovation and, above all, seriousness in serving its customers. Its founders have a vision that is much more customer-oriented than profit-oriented, much more horizontal growth than vertical growth. These were some of the factors that motivated and gave them enough energy to focus on this initiative, later named Foxys.

Its first project took place in Amstelveen, Netherlands, where the routine backup operation of an insurance company was carried out. This project was the kick that the company needed to project itself and show its value to its only and most valuable client, doors were opened for projects in Switzerland, France, Germany, United States, Austria, Sweden, Japan, Taiwan, China and Singapore.

In Brazil, the company expanded its coverage in the state of São Paulo and later in all federal capitals, serving its customers directly or through partnerships, always guaranteeing total safety and quality in the services provided.


Act as an extension of our clients, facing their challenges as ours and proposing solutions that boost their business.


Expand vertically and horizontally, conquering and reaching different markets through increasingly innovative solutions.


Commitment, Professionalism, Flexibility, Adaptability and Determination.

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